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The Cotton Bags
The Cotton Bags
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  About Us

Cotton Bags supplies reusable cotton tote bags that are excellent substitutes to the billions of plastic bags that are used every year. We provide business-to-business, business-to-customer brand alertness products that are practical, environmentally wise, and profitable.

Our eco-friendly products fall in these categories:

Useful multipurpose carryon bags.

Cost-effective carryon bags.

Great-looking promotional carry bags.

Cost-saving automotive industry products that replace one-use plastic and paper.

What makes us stand out in crowd as we are not restricted to standard sizes; we can create a bag of any size and design which suit your requirements.

Cotton Bags promotional tote bags can effectively showcase your business brand or logos.

We have taken an initiative to preserve the original glamour of our environment and make our planet a better place to survive. All that we need from you is support as an individual to make our planet GO GREEN.
  The Cotton Bags Advantage  
The plastic bags are the ultimate symbol of a throwaway society. This habit needs to change. The countries are developing at a faster pace more hyper malls, supermarkets etc have given rise to increased rate of usage of plastic bags which ultimately pollutes our environment and give birth to various kinds of new diseases. Taking this issue as a major environmental dearth we strongly recommend you to select Re-usable, Biodegradable, or Eco-Friendly Bags from the huge choice of bags on offer.
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  Customized Manufacturing  
In this world of creativity every individual have a vast pool of thoughts..We respect your ideas and we think they should of course be implemented. So the cotton bags is the correct place to throw your ideas and experience the correct visualisation of your ideas within a matter of few days.We create customised bags as per your requirement weather you are a retailer wholesaler or an individual.
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